Natural power coming straight from the sun has actually been used by people for thousands and thousands of years. Even the earliest civilization depended on it as the sole means to heating and light. Today, the entire world has adequate technology for harnessing the rays of the sun thereby transforming them into solar power that can either be used immediately or be stored for future use. Also, sunlight is already available and provides sufficient energy in every passing hour to supply the needs of the world for one complete year. Harnessing the costs is generally small and the greenhouse gas emissions are zero.

Solar power is widely utilized to generate the heat which can be harnessed to offer an energy medium for the appliances. Solar heating direct applications include the household heating, ventilation systems, cooking methods and water heating. The harnessed solar power can even be utilized to make steam which will drive the piston engine, provide energy for the household appliances and make an electric current which can charge the batteries. On the other hand, the passive solar energy can be applied readily by new home constructors, or even the renovators in order to raise the overall amount of naturally available lighting to some building by simply inserting huge windows in the walls facing the sun. The additional glasses will therefore permit more natural rays to flood the entire building and may be designed to easily warm the region or even insulate.

By installing some vertical tube and passage in walls facing the sun, a room or building can be cooled passively by utilizing the heating energy of the rays of the sun. The fact is that the air available in tube is actually heated by sun that further causes rising of the air and can be exhausted through the tiny chimney on roof. The air from building’s interiors can be drawn through the vent in a wall which connects to ventilation tube, permitting a continuous flow of cool and fresh air to conveniently pass through the entire room.

Heating water to be used for domestic chores is yet another type of passive solar energy that is really convenient to install and cost effective. By placing the solar panel on a roof, abundant amount of the hot water may be stored and produced in some insulated receiver. The natural light coming from sun synchronizes the body clock thus reducing all the stress to one’s body. In the northern latitudes, this solar power can be easily stored as well as utilized as bright light, alleviating depression. The natural light is convenient on one’s eyes as well as compared to the artificial light thereby reducing the blurriness and headaches. Solar power can produce Vitamin D that can prevent problems like depression, flu, osteoporosis and cancer. Solar power can also power the medical machinery and equipment in outlying areas like the third world nations or Amazon, allowing the doctors to easily diagnose and perform the surgeries.

As the conventional energy expenses continue to raise, people are now encouraged to use solar power available. This power can be conveniently installed, cost effective, efficient to use and is eco friendly as well.