A recent study by the Cleantech Group revealed the much lower environmental impact of e-readers – specifically the Kindle – compared to traditional publishing, but the devices still require charging from the grid. LG’s new e-reader takes care of that:  it’s outfitted with its own integrated solar panel, allowing it to run on clean, renewable, solar power.

The thin-film panel is 10 cm wide and just .7mm thick, adding only 20 grams to the product.  The panel is 9.6 percent efficient and needs 4.5 hours of sunlight to juice the device for an entire day.

Last year, LG introduced a display that can be illuminated by sunlight instead of the backlight when used outdoors, increasing visibility and cutting energy use by 75 percent.  Press for the new e-reader doesn’t indicate what kind of display it uses, but this product would be even more impressive if it included the sunlight-illuminated one.  That way you could read easily outdoors while charging the device at the same time.