Shower panels give you an all encompassing showering experience. A shower wall panel can be a tower or a column that incorporates a fixed shower head alongside a shower handset and body jets that are combined to offer a range of showering options.

rfp wall panelsYou can either control these units manually or thermostatically. Bringing style and functionality together, shower wall panels can add a touch of luxury to almost any bathroom. In fact, these can be a great investment. Not only do they add functionality to your bathroom, they also increase the value of your property.

The hand held shower can extend to about a five feet range from the point where they are attached. The body jets feature of the shower wall panel allows you to have a therapeutic massage experience which makes these super popular. An extra feature that is attached to the regular shower wall panels is that you can adjust the flow of water, just that these are a little expensive. Shower wall panels are easier to install compared to bathroom tiles. The groove and tongue kind of fixing is used to install showering wall panels and is quick and easy.

If you would like to experience serenity and add décor to your bathroom it is important that you have the perfect shower wall panel in your bathroom.

Here are a few things to consider before you buy a shower wall panel:

  • Decide the material of the shower wall panel. The material of the shower wall panel is what gives the look to your bathroom, so be careful while choosing the texture and material.
  • Decide how small or large is the shower area and what shape you would like it to be. The choices for a shower wall panel differ with the size and shape of the walls where they are to be installed.
  • Look out for shower wall panels that have space for keeping things such as soaps, shampoo, etc. as well as shower handles.
  • Decide whether you would like the shower wall panel to be installed or if you like to do it yourself. Opting for a shower wall panel that can easily be installed by you will cut down on your installation and labor costs. However, if you are very particular about finishing then it is best to hire a professional.
  • Choose a shower wall panel that is durable and not prone to easy damage like cracks and breakage. Durability should be at the top of your considerations list.
  • As installing a shower wall panel is large investment, choose a shower panel that is affordable and has a long lifespan.
  • When purchasing a shower wall panel, research the varieties of shower wall panels, the models available, and the material used.

Shower wall panel types:

You can choose from an endless variety of colors depending on how decorative you want to make your bathroom. You can opt for a mosaic, marble or wood grain shower RFP wall panel.

How to install RFP Wall Panels:

Installing bathroom wall panels is actually very quick and very easy as you can see in this video.  Much easier than tiling your bathroom.

So given how easy they are to install, why not give it a try!