Planning an Eco Friendly Kids Party
Eco Friendly Party

We all love a party and enjoying a party with your kids can easily be environmentally friendly, especially if you have it outdoors in the sunshine.  However, regardless of if you are trying to do your bit to save the planet or not, planning a kids party can still be quite stressful, so here are a few tips.

Keep the guest list short:

It is not necessary to invite everyone you or your child can think about. You can limit the guest list to your child’s close friends and family members if they live nearby. …

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Put Your Grocery Bill on a Diet!
High grocery bill

Financial experts will tell you that you don’t have to make more money to increase your financial wealth. What’s as—if not more— important, they say, is doing more with the money you already have. This is especially true in today’s uncertain economy.

So how do you spend smarter? A good place to start is by looking at your food budget. If, like me, you have a growing family and limited resources, groceries (food and household products) are a major monthly expense. But I’ve learned that, with a little planning and creativity, I can shave at …

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Are Neon Lights Energy Efficient?
Are Neon Lights Energy Efficient?

It’s easy to presume when we see bright neon lights that they must use a lot of electricity.  The dazzling neon glow is so intense that it can be seen even in daylight and it seems logical that so much light can only be achieved by using a lot of energy.  So it is surprising to find that neon lights are actually very energy efficient.

How Neon Lights Work

I am not a scientist so this is a very simplified explanation that will probably have physicists choking on their coffee.  A traditional light bulb works …

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Cuppers – Is There a Bias to Protocol?

Scoring certainly shows itself to be widely varied among different tasters and different groups of tasters. Obviously, exact score matching isn’t possible or even ideal, but it seems important that we are generally in agreement with a fairly narrow range of, say, two to three points as a two- to three-point variation can put a coffee into a different quality and corresponding price categorisation.

This group score just manifested itself in our office as we hosted a tasting of the My Virtual Coffee House Cup of Excellence (COE) coffees. Generally speaking, the entire group of …

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How Many Fish Can your Pond Hold – Calculators Ready!

If you want to accurately estimate the maximum number of fish and or koi varieties your pond can hold, the first task is to calculate the volume of your pond and then use a further calculation to determine the maximum weight of fish the pond could sustain. This requires you to view your fish in terms of weight rather than length and is known as a stock-density calculation.

OATA Official Calculation

OATA calculationFollowing what was a lengthy and apparently frustrating consultation process, the Ornamental Aquatic Trade Association (OATA) have suggested that aquatic retailers should not keep …

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How To Save Money By Driving More Efficiently
fuel efficient driving

We would all like to save money where we can.  For many of us, our biggest outlay is putting fuel in our cars.  According to the Odyssee-Mure project, in 2017 the average distance Europeans were travelling was 12,000 km a year, with Germany and Austria having the highest mileage of about 14,000 km a year.  It logically follows that if we could drive more efficiently then we could save money. There are, interestingly, a number of simple steps we can take to make our driving more efficient and save ourselves a few cent.

Check Your

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Natural Remedies For Toothache
natural remedies for toothache

Cavities are a major cause of pain for lots of people.  They are caused from bacterium within the mouth which thrives on foods that are full of starch and sugar which attach themselves to your gums and teeth. The bacterium manufactures acids that injure your tooth, and once the injury gets to your nerve, pain sets in.

However there may be different reasons which cause you toothache, for example, a loose filling, a tooth which is cracked, a gum infection like an abscess, or sinus issues which apply pressure to your teeth. Whatever the cause, …

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Cut Your Carbon Footprint with Video Conferencing
Can video conferencing lower your carbon footprint

Sidney Sheldon once said ‘Try to leave earth a better place than when you arrived’. To our credit, most of us nowadays try to do our bit to help the environment. We separate our rubbish into recyclable and unrecyclable, we use unleaded petrol in our cars and we do what we can to reduce our carbon footprint. But what about work, what can we do there to help the environment?

An easy way to start is to use online video conferencing.  There are many different options you can use including WhatsAp Business, Skype, Zoom …

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Do You Need a Special Multivitamin For Sport Performance?
best multivitamin

It is well known that elite athletes regularly take multivitamins to enhance their performance.  Of course, they have the benefit of the advice of a team of professionals, including doctors, dieticians and nutritionists, who can individually tailor the diet and supplements to each athlete.  Obviously the average person does not have these advantages but it is worth considering that we could all benefit from adjusting our multivitamin intake to benefit our sports performance, especially when training for a big event.  Some companies offer multivitamins tailored for athletes but not all sports have the same requirement …

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Shower Panels – Are they Good for the Environment?
rfp wall panels

Shower panels give you an all encompassing showering experience. A shower wall panel can be a tower or a column that incorporates a fixed shower head alongside a shower handset and body jets that are combined to offer a range of showering options.

rfp wall panelsYou can either control these units manually or thermostatically. Bringing style and functionality together, shower wall panels can add a touch of luxury to almost any bathroom. In fact, these can be a great investment. Not only do they add functionality to your bathroom, they also increase the value of your property.…

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